We introduce a method for animating human images, using the SMPL 3D human parametric model within a latent diffusion framework to improve shape alignment and motion guidance. By incorporating various maps and skeleton-based guidance, we enrich the model with detailed 3D shape and pose attributes, fusing them via a multi-layer motion fusion module with self-attention mechanisms.
arXiv 2024 Paper    Project Page

We present a novel differentiable point-based rendering framework for material and lighting decomposition from multi-view images, enabling editing, ray-tracing, and real-time relighting of the 3D point cloud. Our framework showcases the potential to revolutionize the mesh-based graphics pipeline with a relightable, traceable, and editable rendering pipeline solely based on point cloud.
arXiv 2023 Paper    Project Page   Code

We propose a parametric model that maps free-view images into a vector space of coded facial shape, expression and appearance using a neural radiance field, namely Morphable Facial NeRF. MoFaNeRF can be used to synthesize free-view images by fitting to a single image or generating from a random code. The synthesized face is morphable that can be rigged to any expressions and be edited to any shapes or appearances.
ECCV 2022 Paper    Project Page    Code

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Hao Zhu

CITE Lab - 3DV Group, Nanjing University
E-mail: zhuhaoese@nju.edu.cn

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Nanjing, China