The 3D Vision Lab of Nanjing University is affiliated with the School of Intelligent Science and Technology (Suzhou Campus) and the School of Electronic Science and Engineering (Xianlin Campus) of Nanjing University, focusing on the research of 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence. The research interests include 3D reconstruction, digital human modeling, differentiable rendering, 3D generation, etc. The laboratory has been approved by adequate funding for the construction of the laboratory in the Suzhou campus, with more than 300 square meters of study rooms and experimental space. It has built a dynamic light field and 3D model acquisition system for faces, human bodies, and scenes, and has a self-built dedicated server room. The laboratory has established long-term cooperative relationships with the Computational Imaging Laboratory of Nanjing University and the Computer Vision Laboratory of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
    The laboratory has a long-term recruitment of doctoral and master’s students. We welcome excellent students with strong self-drive, interest in 3D vision, and ambition to produce influential work in related fields to join the laboratory!

    南京大学三维视觉实验室依托于 南京大学智能科学科学与技术学院(苏州校区)和电子科学与工程学院(仙林校区),聚焦三维计算机视觉与智能科学⽅向研究,具体研究课题包括三维重建、数字⼈建模、可微渲染、三维⽣成等。实验室已获批超800万元经费⽤于苏州校区实验室建设,现有超过300平⽶学习室及实验空间,已建成面向人脸、人体、场景的动态光场与三维模型采集系统,拥有自建的专用服务器机房。实验室与南京⼤学计算摄像实验室、⾹港科技⼤学计算机视觉实验室建⽴了长期合作关系。